The "Israeli protective fighting technique" course


The continued threat on Israeli facilities and the inferiority of the entity under attack has
brought several experts in the security and training field to develop a novel Israeli protective fighting technique, which, under attack, eliminates the attacker superiority and "reverses the wheel" so that the defender can successfully eliminate the threat.

The essence of this technique is based in upgrading from a static sentry into a single
professional combatant, armed with both technical knowledge and the proper decision
making ability. With these tools, his chance to face the challenges increases. He is then able to provide an absolute solution, which can cease hostilities threats rapidly and effectively.
For the purpose of implementing the Israeli protective fighting technique within the armed security personnel, a training program was created, which trains individuals to identify the opponents and threats, provides a professional combat (or security) solutions (according to the scenario) and teaches the knowledge of how to pass the responsibility for further handling to the competent authorities upon their arrival on the scene.
The M.R Hollander ltd Academy was certified by the Israeli national authorities to train in the security and combat field. For this purpose, the academy employs qualitative instructors, all of whom come from elite unit military and security backgrounds, and have proven field combat experience, considered to be the "top in the field".
Graduates of our courses have been involved in foiling Terrorist incidents and received high acclamations for their determination and professional abilities when using the Israeli protective fighting techniques.

The course participants noted with appreciation the high level of professional skills they were exposed to, during the course, combined with the mental and physical stamina they were required to, and affirmed that they have received an enriching unforgettable experience.



This course is especially designed for experienced gun holders (IPSC shooters) as a part of a popular challenging activity.
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