Israeli protective fighting technique – Level 1

7 days – 19-25/8/2012

  • Course is especially designed for experienced gun holders (IPSC shooters, Etc.)

·         Combat pistol fundamentals

·         Combat safety with a weapon

·         Rapid draw and entry into combat firing position while using the pointing technique

·         Malfunctions and magazine replacement

·         "Low light" shooting

·         Firing from a vehicle

·         Engaging multiple hostile targets at different locations, while taking into account friendly targets.

·         Proper use of cover and relating to suspicious (un-cleared) areas

·         Combat movement, choosing a path of progress and tactical decision making processes under pressure

·         Clearing fighting areas and verifying hostile neutralization during combat

·         Surprise exercises

·         "Krav Maga" Fighting Technique

·         Identifying vulnerabilities and basic training in the KBM technique

·         360 degree defenses against an opponent, edged and impact weapons

·         Aggressiveness development

·         Disarming techniques

·         Additional professional subjects

·         Security basics

·         Fighting protocol

·         Addressing the threat on the primary subject (VIP, Facility, Etc.)

·         "Circles" method Security, filtering, entry control, documentation, questioning and additional tools

·         EOD, EOD canvassing, smuggling of weapons and prevention of hostile intelligence gathering.

·         "Suspicions signs" for a suicide bomber and car bomb threat and handling SOP

·         The tactics of combined combat and security in Israel

·         Exercising functioning under different situation: Routine, Suspicious activity and Emergency.

·         Incident exercise with use of live munitions and "Blue on Blue" warfare.



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